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Girbau HS6057 Washer extractor – 3 In Stock

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3 machines in good condition, currently heated electrically , they can be converted to steam heating

Sold as see or refurbished with a warranty


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Minimises water, electrical energy and detergent consumption ensuring lowest running costs – all while giving a superior washing quality.

The HS-6057 is engineered to the same high standards as the smaller HS-6008 washer, which has been certified by US body Energy Star to be the most energy saving washer on the market.

A washer with reduced energy consumption repays with lower running costs and a reduced environmental footprint.

Features unique to Girbau washers include:

EASYLOAD – the optional Girbau EASYLOAD system makes it easier and quicker to load and unload a larger washer. EASYLOAD compacts laundry by rotating the drum and adding water to help compact the load. Similarly, slow drum rotation helps to ease and speed unloading.

TILT – the TILT system is an added option on larger Girbau washers. A remote control tilts the machine backwards or forwards for loading and unloading respectively.

GDRIVE – Girbau’s microprocessor control saves energy, reduces vibration and prolongs machine life.

AQUAFALL – provides a cascade water flow for improved wash action, reduced cycle time and lower water consumption.

AQUAMIXER – mixes hot and cold water precisely to the required temperature, helping to save energy and reduce cycle time

CARE TOUCH DRUM – specially designed without sharp edges to treat fabrics gently and aid water evacuation for lower moisture retention after the final spin.

INTELI CONTROL: With 20 pre-set programs and a further 79 customisable programs INTELI control offers quick and easy programming for a variety of fabrics and washes. LCD screen with intuitive icons makes it easy for any user and overcomes any language barriers. Each program can be identified with a name.



Drum Volume (litres) 569
Drum Capacity (kg/lbs) 63/139
Dimensions (W x D x H) mm 1570 x 1493 x 1925
Extraction RPM/G Force 13-800/387
Weight (kg) 1932